Hersh Custom Road Framesets

Hersh Performance Frameset

Hersh Performance

Hersh Trinity Frameset

Hersh Trinity

Hersh Disc Frameset

Hersh Disc

- Hersh Monocoque Road Framesets -

Hersh Speed Frameset

Hersh Speed

Hersh Aero 017 Frameset

Hersh aero-017

Hersh 027 Aero Disc Frameset

Hersh Aero 027 Disc

Hersh Carbon road frames, beautifully hand crafted in Italy. Hersh provide you the opportunity to select and refine your perfect bike. Custom geometry, painting and component specification all carefully created and selected in Northern Italy.
So why choose a Hersh?

  • Distinctive frame design
  • Finest hand made quality construction
  • Made to order frame
  • Custom painting

Hersh is different, Hersh is your next bike!