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Hersh is a young and dynamic Italian company that was founded in 2009 with the opening of a shop in Riva del Garda (TN) and of the main office in Como. Hersh produces a line of sophisticated performance orientated bikes, cured in every detail and with excellent accessories. Our main strength is custom made frames and frame painting. The Hersh philosophy is to combine the very best components and to work with long experienced and high quality Italian craft industries only.

Our mission is to give the customer the ideal product and service in terms of quality, performance, and personalisation.

HERSH: high quality custom-made bike frames and components.

HERSH: maximum sports performance.

HERSH: Italian research and innovation.

HERSH: your ideal bike frame designed for high performance and fine tuned to your biomechanical features.

HERSH: exclusive, captivating customised graphics.

HERSH: an incomparable pre and post sale customer care and technical support provided by a qualified and expert staff.

HERSH: your new guarantee, you’ll find out how to go beyond your limits, you’ll improve your records and appreciate the pleasure of riding a bike.

Enter the Hersh world and you’ll understand our word!

Hersh, your next bike!