Welcome to Hersh Bikes UK

Compromise no more, this is a chance to tune, refine and produce a bike like no other. Enter the world of Hersh, the ultimate bespoke carbon bicycle frames. Hersh brings you a selection of the highest quality bicycle frames, components and a truly bespoke service.

Made in Italy Craftsmanship

Hersh is the pinnacle of bicycle building, it is the un-compromised approach to produce the very best that sets it apart. The combination of high quality carbon fibre, Italian craftsmanship and attention to detail is the ultimate formula for beautiful and exquisite bikes.

Bespoke Experience

Start your pursuit for perfection with Hersh Bikes, the range of Road, Triathlon/TT and Mtb frames are all available as bespoke packages. Contact us today to book a consultation, customise your geometry, painting and components. Hersh is your next bike….


Built for you

Hersh are built around you. We use the latest bike fitting technology, so we can accurately create, tailor and optimise frame geometry and riding position. 

Only the best

Our mission is to give the customer the ideal product and service in terms of quality, performance, and personalisation.


Choose, refine and design your very own Hersh. Be different, now is the chance to be different, now is the time for Hersh.